Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tommy's 2nd (and 1st) Birthday

When Tommy turned one, we really had our act together.

I made an allergen-free birthday cake out of ingredients like brown rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour, Ener-G egg replacer, rice milk...

It actually turned out tasting great, very moist, much to my surprise.

We made homemade pizzas.

Tommy had his first bite of real cake, and he was LOVING IT.

I want to kiss those lips.

Even back then, he liked Daddy more. Check out this video:

Did you see how pissed he got when I wanted to hold him? I WAS the one who slaved all day in the kitchen over that silly cake...just sayin'...

This year we couldn't get our act together, and poor Tommy knew it.

You can see the horror in his eyes when he saw his birthday cake.

Wait for it.


Look out Martha, that is a dairy and egg-free chicken patty and tater tots piped with ketchup.

And here's the video of him blowing out his candles, please ignore my annoying, nasaly voice and just focus on the kids.

Once he figured out we were singing to him he calmed down. I think I have a budding pyro on my hands, he kept grabbing for the candles, and what was up with that crazy-baby face shaking before he blew out the candles at the end?

Maybe I'm onto something with this allergen-free cake idea...

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