Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mainsail, A Date with Elle, and Grilled Corn on the Cob {recipe}

On our way home from Cappy's Pizza we took the scenic route.  We forgot Mainsail was going on, the art festival at Vinoy Park. It was too beautiful not to stop and let the kids run around.

I love hanging back and watching B herd the kids taking pictures.

We lost Tommy's shoes for 24 hours, but it didn't end up mattering.

He was not a fan of the sand.

He was happy hanging on the steps with Pops.

He pointed out each and every "BOW!"

I love those piggys.

Cheesers Tom! You have got me wrapped, you know that?

The girls made a quick sandcastle.

And Khera put the flag in place.

Way to go girls!

The next day Elle was in need of some alone time and I really wanted to go check out the art festival, so we made a date.  She was SO GOOD.  She looked at all the booths with me, and weighed in on which pieces were her favorite.  We had such a great time together.  She always takes an interest in whatever hair-brained project I'm working on, I wonder if she'll be craft-a-holic like her Ma someday.

Because she was such a fantastic festival companion, I treated her to an ice cream. 

She even let me have a few bites, she made sure to let me know not to eat it all though.

I'm not sure why I enjoy watching my kids eat so much.

Afterward we stopped in to say hello to Grandma and Papi.
It was a great weekend. We even managed a grill out and included my favorite way to fix corn.

Grilled Corn on the Cob {recipe}
Peel back husks, remove silks and rinse the corn.  Pull husks back up and soak them for 2 hours in water.  Place them on grill for 20 minutes, turning 1/4 each 5 minutes.  The corn steams to a juicy perfection and it's not necessary to slather all that butter on it (although it's nice if you're not watching your cholesterol).

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Anonymous said...

My aunt and I headed over to Mainsail too and I kept thinking I would run into you there. Cute little kiddos and sorry about Tommy's shoes... Lennox was so excited when he found them in my closet and held them up making his noise smiling.

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