Monday, May 28, 2012

Pool fun, Soccer and Teacher Appreciation

This year is going to finally be a lot of fun in the pool department.  Tommy is comfortable wearing floaties and the girls have proven to be little fish, so I can now relax poolside while the minis splash around.

I love my delicious little man.

The girls have come such a long way in the pool in just a couple summers.

Elle looks like she's ready for a synchronized swim competition.

Khera played spring soccer this year, and we learned quickly that she has a competitive edge that we didn't even know about...when Elle and Tommy let her have the ball, that is.

She had a couple of schoolmates on her team, it was so fun to watch how their skills evolved throughout the short season.

The main reason Khera wanted to play soccer was to get the trophy or medal at the end.  She was VERY proud when she received hers from coach Joel.

Tommy showed off his muscles during the last game.

Papi and Grandma made it to her final game also.

Elle made a friend and Tommy ate his dinner on the field.

I've got to say I was really relieved when the season was over, it takes a lot of effort to coordinate homework, meals, carpools, snacks, baths in the afternoon/evenings and fitting in a soccer season was NOT easy.  It was worth it to see Khera grow and work on a team.

Teacher Appreciation week was a couple weeks ago at preschool, and since I volunteered to be room mom this year for Tommy's class, there were several things I had to pull together.

Door decoration:

Stationery and flower pens:

I also made some fun clipboards with this photo attached:

So you might be wondering what Tommy was doing during these various projects???

Feeding his cars roasted garlic hummus...

Dipping his trains into his Oreo dipper icing...

I was very thankful when this week was over as well.  It was a lot of fun making these treats for his teachers, but now we can get back to catching up on our own lives!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cupcakes, Spring Breakers and Tampa Bay Rays

St. Pete finally joined the new millennium and opened up a cupcake shop...that serves Tommy-safe cupcakes!

Mommy's Tommy's thrilled that mommy no longer has to make these from scratch!!!  Can't you just see the relief in his eyes?

He prefers chocolate frosting, he must get that from his mama's side...

Here he is plotting his next move.

Love the-cupcake-anhilation-face, Tom-tom!

My BFF Jenny brought her twins down to visit for spring break in the beginning of April.  We had a blast!  It's funny how old friends just pick up where they leave off.

We went to the Dali museum and worked on ginormous floor puzzles.

Here they are at the breakfast bar.  We played with the kids by day, and pretended like we were back at UC by night.  Thanks for visiting Jenny!

We visited Bumpa and Kathy during their visit to Anna Maria, and all I got was this mobile picture?  I have been super absent-minded lately about bringing my "good" camera.

We headed down to Siesta Key when some friends from Ohio were on spring break too.  We love entertaining spring breakers, even if it means ditching school ourselves!

Elle's BFF Sophia took her to a Tampa Bay Rays game, she's the first North child to experience a real baseball game--even if it is under a dome.

They had posh box seats...poor deprived little girls.

These two are so much alike it's crazy, they also share the same birth date and astrological sign.

I couldn't tell if she was having a good time...

Stay tuned for more about what we've been up to, we are still running about a month behind on our posts!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day Out with Thomas and Bedtime Lately

Back in March we took Tommy to meet his all time train idol: Thomas the Train.  It's an understatement to say his dreams came true that day.  Here he is, with Daddy all to himself.

Tommy is checking his map, making sure we are in the right spot to board the passenger cars.

He had a blast riding the train.

He was thrilled.

He also had the bug-version of his mommy all to himself.

And the moment of truth, posing with Thomas...

We convinced him that this caboose was James the red engine.

Back home we filled the sand/water table with sand only, and it has been keeping the kids busy playing bulldozers and cooking with the sand and cups.

We've been getting some time in on the playset in the sideyard also.

Khera has taken over the bedtime story routine.  She's an excellent reader, she must get that from her Daddy.  When I was her age I spent more time fibbing about reading than actually doing it...

Tommy's been spotted in some interesting sleeping positions.

And Elle's bed is one stuffed animal away from being featured on an episode of Hoarders.

Sorry we've been away so long, but we'll be playing catch-up over the next couple of weeks.  I hope you're enjoying your spring as much as we are!  We'll be back soon!