Monday, April 11, 2011

Florida Evenings and a Haircut

Boy have the evenings been beautiful lately. We've been trying to squeeze in as many walks and hang outside before the heat and humidity settle in. 
Here are some shots from a few nights ago, the girls had to get "dressed" to go outside...

It was Tinkerbell's turn to steer the ship.

T and Daddy shot hoops.

We're thrilled that Tommy is letting go of the ball to "dunk"--before he refused to part with anything in fear that Elle or Khera would run off with it.

We looked for shamrocks...

And found some.

We played some soccer,

and realized that cleats and shin guards aren't necessary when you have rainboots.

Khera has become obsessed with lipstick, much like her GJ...

Brandon enjoyed a gourmet meal prepared and served by chef Elle.

As usual, when Daddy's home the kids are glued to him...and I LOVE IT.

Here's a shot of Tommy Petty.

I've been letting his hair grow long because I scarred myself the last time I cut it.

You decide, which I should be more embarassed about, long scraggly hair or THIS chop-job?

So I thought I'd treat myself Tommy to a cut at this cute little place:

What a little stinker, I couldn't get any shots of him getting his haircut because it took 3 PEOPLE, yes I said THREE, to hold him down and cut his hair. You would have thought someone was ripping his fingernails off one at a time!

And, TA-DA!

The girls have been calling him "Travis-Tom" because he looks a lot like our buddy Travis now.

And we had another awesome night.

Daddy's never too cool to climb up in the treehouse and play pirate ship--just one of the reasons I love him.

Elle of course took her role as captain extremely seriously.
Note: I took these through our dirty bathroom window, and I cross-my-heart she couldn't see me peeking through the blinds, she really is THIS DRAMATIC.

Tommy's still a bit too scared to slide down by himself, so Daddy went with him, I'm not sure who had more fun.

And another reason why I love Brandon is he got Khera and Elle ready for school that morning--Tommy had a 7:30am doctor's appointment he couldn't miss.

In his defense I texted him and told him it was "U" for uniform day at school and Khera needed to dress like a ballerina. Somehow leggings got translated into 3T shorts and 12mo babylegs. LOL! The best part of all was that Khera LOVED it and was so proud, so that is how she went to school.

Well I'm gonna run, until next time!

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