Sunday, April 17, 2011

Old friends visit and Visiting Grandma

Our friends the Jacksons came to visit us a couple weekends ago. Brandon and Troy knew each other back in Cincinnati, but it wasn't until we moved to Charlotte that we became neighbors and good friends. They are such a great family and have moved a zillion times since they were married, they've lived in Cincy, Baltimore, Boston (twice), Charlotte, Charleston and are now preparing to move to Hong Kong. Troy was not able to join us because he is already working in China, meanwhile Karen is going it alone with all 3 kids for 5 weeks each stretch. Way to go Karen!

The girls were so excited that Lacey was coming for a sleepover, and gladly shared some of their princess clothes with her.

Simond has completed the "Jackson 5" since their last visit, here he is in all his cuteness.

The kids played several rounds of Candyland and Cat-in-the-Hat games.

Tommy had his morning cup of coffee milk before he joined in on the action.

Lacey showed us her shuffling skills.

Khera practiced reading.

Turner moves at lightening speed, so I was only able to snap this blurry shot of him.

Elle was a gracious hostess, any princess would be right?

It was so great to see them and wish them luck before they move to Hong Kong. My only regret about their visit is that I didn't take more pictures!

Later that day after they left I took the girls to visit Grandma. They were so excited to see her.

And Grandma was thrilled to see them too.

The girls brought puzzles and coloring books to keep them occupied.

We went to the dining room when the nurse came into Mom's room to check on her. Khera continued to play puzzles...did I mention Grandma made these for her several years back?

And Elle was scared of the residents and stuck to my leg like glue.

Here is the view from Grandma's window:

Beyond the trees is the Tampa Bay.

At the nursing home there is a recreational room on the 13th floor. The view is amazing, the next day we brought Brandon and Tommy to visit and see for themselves.

Here's the Pier and Vinoy...

Vinoy, downtown and the Marina...

Northshore Pool...

Inside there was a piano which kept the kids busy,

for a few minutes anyway...

We brought Panera and some REAL coffee for Grandma, for those of you who don't know she is a coffee enthusiast. She's been known to order coffee online from remote corners of the globe. Nursing home coffee was not cutting the mustard.

We really enjoyed our weekend filled visitors and of course seeing Grandma up and looking so great. She's continuing to heal and feels better everyday. Some days are better than others, some have their setbacks, but I am constantly amazed by her positive attitude and motivation to conquer the road ahead. WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!!

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Anonymous said...

Your mom looks like she's doing great and I'm glad you are so close to be able to visit all of the time. I'm sure she loved her REAL coffee =)

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