Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Did you really think all my baby boy was going to get was a tater-tot cake??? I just needed some extra time, and since he can't read a calendar yet, I helped myself.

I love that he loves trains as much as I do.

Khera couldn't stand them strewn everywhere and showed Tommy how to park them properly.

I do not like the looks of what Elle is "cooking" up, I have an inner loathing for Barbies, mostly for the mess that comes with them, little shoes, furniture, clothes, naked Barbies...all.over.my.house.

Rapunzel let down her golden hair again, and boy did she regret it!

Khera and Elle threw her a surprise birthday party and invited all of her closest friends and their babies. They could have at least slipped her a hint to fix her hair before the big bash-geesh!  Competition is fierce among her circle of friends, everyone is always trying to outdo eachother in the fashion and hair department.

I love it when leave me alone for 5 minutes they play together like this. If only cleaning the mess were as fun as making it, right?

Elle threw one of her down-and-out tantrums when I asked her to help clean up, so I sent her to her room. After an endless amount of yelling on her part and ignoring on mine, there was finally some silence. This is how I found her:

The lack of enthusiasm on the cleaning front spilled into the next day, and mommy reached the end of her rope. I slipped on a princess dress and fell while holding a bowl of applesauce, which then exploded EVERYWHERE.  If you could have seen me you would know where Elle gets her tantrum tendencies.  I am still finding dried applesauce--4 days later. Look where I noticed it this weekend:

And of course I am constantly looking at it every time I walk into the kitchen now...until I paint over it...in a few years.

A friend gave me an allergen-free recipe that didn't involve all those crazy ingredients I mentioned in the last post.

While we were busy baking, there was a knock on the door and none other than Uncle Dave and friend Denny dropped in for a surprise visit. Khera wowed them with her fab reading skills, and Tommy showed off his trains.

My sous-chefs helped make (and clean-up) the frosting...does this look familiar, Mom?

What about this:

After we got everything together for T-man's party we headed over to Westminster where we were having the par-tay. The girls whipped out their crayon rolls and went to town.

Did I forget to tell you that my sister was in town? Here she is with Mom and Elle-belly.

Tommy made himself at home with his trains.

So did Elle, doesn't she look gorgeous with all her jewelry and boots???

Boots are a MUST, especially when it's 90 degrees outside.

We had a pizza party outside on the patio, I love this view.

Oh, and we did cupcakes for Tommy and a mini-loaf cake for Papi, whose birthday is May 1st.

We sang.

And had help blowing out candles.

Tommy liked his Thomas plate more than the cupcake.

Anushka liked them, and so did the girls.

Tommy loved all the presents he was spoiled with, especially the books.

It was a fun and short visit, always sad to see Jena and family go. We're really looking forward to their return visit over Memorial Day. Does anyone have any pointers on how to lure your sister into moving closer to you? We need all the help we can get! Anyone???

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