Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How We Roll and Our Pizza Spot

People are always surprised that we don't have a big SUV or minivan. The main reason we don't have a bigger car yet is because we all fit our current one.
At times we feel like sardines.

On occasion, he pulls Khera's hair.

She whines, or as we like to say, "makes us stop at the whinery".

And she throws fits.

Hard to imagine right?

I wish I had a shot of our backseat circus, I'll work on that one for you--at a STOP light of course.

If you could roll down our window and listen to us you would probably hear the Shrek theme blaring on repeat..."Hey now, you're a rockstar, get your show on, get paid, and all that glitters is gold..."

If distracted, they allow me to play Top 40 hits.  Khera LOVES belting out tunes, sometimes it's really funny, others, not so much.  "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum is a great song...until your 5 year old is coloring princesses while singing--"It's a quarter after one...and I need you now".  I need to get better about that.

Another thing the kids are famous for in the car is their backseat driving abilities. "Don't get lost, Mom..." Elle likes to say in her cute nasaly voice. "Don't get in a crash, Dad." Khera says, or "You'd better slow down!"

Anyway, in this case we were rolling to our favorite pizza joint--Cappy's. It's a cute little bungalow-turned restaurant, the inside has a retro-flair and is totally kid-friendly. Can I use more hyphens?

The menus are printed on old record cases.

Their toppings include all the usuals and more: artichoke hearts, basil, brocolli, feta, garlic, olives, spinach, sundried tomato and fresh tomato.

Our favorite booth is on the enclosed porch, high-back booths and tons of windows.

You help yourself to beer, wine or soda. In our case by the time we get there it's nice to grab a cold one right away instead of waiting if there's a rush.

T my little allergy bean got his standard take-along treats, tatertots and jello, why not? Pizza isn't exactly the healthiest thing in the world.

And of course I forgot to take shots of the pizza because I was too busy inhaling it at lightening speed--you never know when the meltdowns will descend. My fave pizza is NY Style, sundried tomatoes, basil and garlic; B's is sausage and garlic.

Have I mentioned it's also our favorite goto pizza place if we're having an adult pizza party? Cappy's definitely worth a try if you're local, and if you come to visit us, remind us to take you there!

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