Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Sickies and Grocery Gift Bag {tutorial}

I'm so excited for Christmas, I can't contain it.

These are not our presents already wrapped under the tree...they're just tins and gift boxes that I store all of our ornaments in. They're pretty under the tree and great use for all those snowman/christmas tins and gourmet food gift boxes we're so lucky to receive each year.

Well, Elle and Tommy have fallen victim to strep AGAIN. There was more glorious vomit in the car on the way to preschool yesterday, and an hour after I dropped the girls off I had to turn back around and pick them up.  Vomit made a second appearance all over Tommy's crib during naptime.  The doctor squeezed us in yesterday afternoon,  and ever since their first dose of antibiotics, they've been on the up-and-up.  Here's a shot of them from this morning:

They don't mind being sick, they might even enjoy the endless amount of popsicles they eat to keep them hydrated.

Tommy likes them too, although it doesn't look like it:

Tommy's sporting his new red truck cords the insomniac whipped up last night:

She has a late night addiction...to sewing, crafting, whatever is in reach, or nagging her in the cracks of her soggy brain.

Speaking of which, here's a little ditty that's been SCREAMING to be made, so she finally gave in today:

Here's how you make a FREE gift bag, as long as you ask for paper bags when you check out at Publix and have a sewing machine with red thread....

Grocery Gift Bag {tutorial}
1 festive grocery bag (mine's from Publix)
Sewing Machine
Red Thread

1.  Open up your brown grocery bag.

2. Cut the front and back out of the bag. (The sides are cute too, I foresee another gift bag project out of those...)

3. Put the pieces together WRONG sides together (I put the publix writing on the back of the bag on the inside to hide it).

4. Put them together nice and neat.

5. Zig Zag stitch around 3 of the edges, leaving one side open to slide your gift into.

6. Cut the bottom fold (w/Publix print) off of one side of the bag, it's starting to resemble an envelope...

7. Slide gift in, fold up longer side of "envelope" and seal with:

  • Sticker:  To see how to make the stickers, visit "Fly Through Our Window" tutorial here.
  • Ribbon:  Punch 2 holes thru the closed envelope put ribbon or tulle through holes and tie
  • String:  I love brown paper packages tied with string, don't you? Seal the envelope with double sided tape and tie it up with baking twine, jute, or whatever you have in the junk drawer.

While I was working on the gift bags, Elle was working on a couple projects of her own.
Her cutting skills:

"Conchet" making (when asked what a conchet was, she replied "it's a little wittw thing fang to do dat"):

One last photo, and I'm off...I just can't get enough of this kid:

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