Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Pics and Unique Photo Greeting {tutorial}

Good Afternoon! 
Yesterday when I received my first Xmas greeting card that I realized, OMG, I haven't even STARTED getting my cards together!!!  Who are these people that get their cards out that early, really? 

So after I put the kids to bed, I stayed up late, yet again, working on cards, and figured out a super easy way to make a unique photo card that only cost $.10 per print at Walgreens. 

First, you must choose your photo.  If you're interested in seeing all the proofs from the family photos this year, visit my picasa web gallery by clicking here.

So here goes the tutorial:

So if you're a busy mom, ask THE MAN to make a few stops on his way home from work:
1. Staples: 4x6 envelopes and postage stamps
2. Walgreens: prints that you uploaded an hour ago
3. Gas station: a bottle of wine to drink while the 2 of you put them together after the kids are in bed

And while he's running around, spend the $80 you saved, buying something fantastic for yourself online! You deserve it! Make sure to wrap it and put it under the tree to open on Xmas day. What? What mother wraps her own gifts? I've never done that before...

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