Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hurt Locker and other schtuff

Kher-bear was in the hurt locker the entire day Thursday, including the wee hours of the morning.  She came into my room around 2am telling me she yaked all over her bed and her pajamas... I was waiting for this moment all week.  She and I were the only ones who hadn't gotten sick yet.   After assessing the damage, we grabbed some clean PJs, and I let her sleep with me. 

Several pajama changes later, she was finally able to keep a popsicle down, and seemed much better.

Earlier this week the girls modeled some new duds, Khera's are compliments of Lottie Da and Elle's: North Couture.

Have you ever been "loved" to death? Tommy could write a dissertation about it.

Friday afternoon everyone was back to normal and spent a lot of time playing in the playroom (woo hoo!).

T-man loves his "caaa"s:

And his "T-uh":

The girls made a my little pony "kingdom":

In case you're wondering why Khera is wearing a was in the 40's and you know us Floridians can't stand the cold, LOL. 

And Tommy plotted the kingdom's demise:

Did you know that you always know where you stand with Elle?

Don't worry, she'll let you know...

Brandon's new boss is the best in the world, Friday one of these showed up on our doorstep, and we've been loving it ever since:

OK, gotta go get the kids down for a nap and some much needed craft time!

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