Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Christmas: Take Four

Down to the river and up in the woods, to Bumpa and Kathy's house we went for our Christmas finale. There's something you should know about Bumpa, whatever he does, he does BIG--and this Christmas was no exception.

Here's Chris North Kringle by the tree with his little grand girlies.

Carving the gargantuan beef tenderloin...

The best wine you'll ever drink.

There were lots of sweet treats for dessert. Allergy-free cupcakes and cookies flown in from a New York City bakery...

A 2-story fraiser fir.

Lots of surprises.

Kathy got the toilet bowl cleaner she always wanted.

It was fantastic to have everyone together again.

And lots of reminiscing about the old days.

Phew!!! What a Christmas! It's really going to be tough to top this one next year, but we'll certainly try.  There's no place like home for the holidays--and home is wherever your family is, Florida and Ohio.  We're so glad we were able to celebrate with almost all of the special people in our lives. A special thanks to Bumpa and Kathy for helping us with the flights to join in the Christmas cheer.  The love of a family is life's greatest blessing. 

Stay tuned for Khera's birthday trilogy, gingerbread houses and fun in the snow!

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