Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Randomness

I love Santa Claus.

Mostly because he's so thoughtful. Instead of giving me my present on Christmas morning, he delivered it early so I can learn how to use it in time for the BIG DAY MORNING.

Can you guess what Santa brought me???





Do you remember the REALLY scary movie "The Ring"?  Remember how you could tell who was going to die by looking at a photo of them because their face was smooshed?  That was my old camera.  My new one gets "the" shot, every....single.......time.
The kids have been busy posing, helping me figure out how to work it.




Elle and Tommy were tired of Khera "cleaning up" in the toy department every December, since her birthday is 2 days after Xmas.

So, they decided to ship her off to China to work with all the other little children who make $2 per week making toys for big corporations like Target and Toys 'R' Us...

It looks like Tommy is rethinking his decision here:

He looks at Elle as if to say "Are we really going to go through with this?"

And then he finally changed his mind:

Phew, Tom-tom, am I relieved you decided to call it off...looks like you are too.
Being naughty is exhausting.

Daddy had a big meeting the next day, so decided to try to get some work done.
Keyword:  Try

Imagine trying to work and listening to this:
"Daddy...Daddy...hey Dad, hey Dad I need to tell you something....ummmmmm Daddy, remember that ONE time, when...yada yada yada..."

OK, gotta run, Daddy's out of town today, it's quiet time, going to set up sweat shop.  Here's a little preview of a post to-come:

Be back soon, have a good one!!

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