Friday, October 1, 2010

Bye, bye summer decor!

Let me begin this post by saying "SORRY G.J.!" I know I told you I would wait so you could see my summer decorating when you come and visit in 2 weeks, and I've TRIED and tried harder to not break out all of my fall decorations, and I simply couldn't help myself!!! So, I snapped some photos so you could see what is now shoved back into the closet until next spring/summer:

My new seating area by the front door:

It is really bothering me that the little handle on the coffee table is flipped up, stop looking!!!

My budding model wanted to pose in some of the photos:

Entryway, that's my grandpa Fecher's old record cabinet, but this entryway seems so blah to me, that's a project for another day though...

And the mantel, I really, really, really need to paint that brick, I'm not sure if I should paint it white, or maybe a grayer shade of white, your thoughts? I really wish I could tear it out and put something modern in there, but that's not an option right now...leave a comment if you have any suggestions:

Here are two (free) armless chairs from my parent's old house that are slipcovered in taupe twill I scored on clearance at Calico Corners, also note the gorgeous table in between those chairs is from GJ's basement, in it's previous life it was white and had a water stain on the top, we had it refinished and have since found out it is a Stickley piece, Stickley started the Art's and Craft's movement in the US many years ago. GJ says now that it's fixed up that it's on loan to us and she wants it back, I'm hoping she'll forget...

And after 2 years, this project was finally completed thanks to preschool and Tom-T's morning nap, I am addicted to grasscloth, I think it really gives the kitchen some texture and depth:

Alright, I've got to get back to my fall crafts/decorating, stay tuned for my next post. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Candy (Mama Lion) said...

i like the little red shoes in the entry way :) hehe. also love the seating area up front. def think u should paint the fireplace white. we just did and it made such a huge difference. we left the mantel to be the same brown wood color instead of painting it white also. who and what is grasscloth and where do u get it?!

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