Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Are you ready for Halloween?

We're a very casual household. I can't imagine living in a home where sticky fingers can't touch anything. In our house the kids jump on the couches, use decorative pillows as torpedos, and make artwork to be hung in the kitchen. I love it when the kids compliment my decorating, it makes my heart smile. Decorating makes our house a home, not just for me, but the kids too.
So, here's our version of Halloween.
"Drumroll please" says Tom-tom:

Spray-painted pumpkins:

Festive pennant garland:

Felt pumpkins stuck on the lampshade:

Painted windows with goblins on the porch:

Witches, funkins, and more:

Halloween Pez:

Scary Chalk Drawings:


Stay tuned for pictures from this coming weekend, the kids are still widdling down their list on who they want to be for Halloween.

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