Sunday, October 10, 2010

Isla Del Sol Condo Renovation: Part 2

Sequels are rarely better than the original, but there are a few that stand up to the hype:
Hubster's Faves: Rocky II, Godfather II
Girls': Toy Story 2, Shrek 2, Tinkerbell 2, Land Before Time 2
My faves: Oceans 12, Bourne Supremacy, Anne of Avonlea
Aunt Brookie's: Bring it On 2 ;-)

Anyway, back to the condo...

Family Room Before:

Some rather large Canadian renter sat on this yellow leather loveseat, and it broke in half. Needless to say, a larger sleeper sofa is now in it's place.

Familyroom AFTER:

Blue Nautilus fabric covering burgandy leather chair, ottoman and coffee table panels were all purchased online. I scored this totally awesome coffee table painted on craigslist for $40:

The glass was not tempered, so we replaced it with tufted upholstered panels.

How to make tufted panels: First we had plywood cut the same size as the glass, minus a 1/4" to make room for the upholstery. Then I drilled holes where I wanted the diamond tufts. I layered the materials in this order: plywood, 1" foam, batting, fabric. Using heavy duty thread I created the tufts by sewing fabric covered buttons through the previously drilled holes. To anchor the tufts I used thick bamboo skewers and hot glue to hold the knots on the underside of the panel in place. Then I pulled the fabric around the back of the panel tightly and secured it using a heavy-duty staple gun. To finish off the panels I hot glued a simple white utility fabric to the back of the panel to hide the staples and tuft construction.

A chair and ottoman also got a makeover with matching slipcovers:

Kitchen Before:
Another shot of that poor coyote above, he is the original coyote ugly...

Coyote, and the mardi gras mask (from the last post) have both gone where all accessories go to die--my parent's garage.

Kitchen AFTER:

The kitchen's original backsplash has fish on it. Not enough money in the budget to tear out and redo, so we went with it, and relocated fish prints, metal and ceramic fish, and even a mermaid to embrace the theme.

Dining Room Before:
The dining room chairs got a makeover with custom coordinating slipcovers, new accessories for the table, and a new rug beneath matching the family room from IKEA.
Dining Room AFTER:
The family room and dining room also had new window treatments installed, the yellow southwest ruffled treatment was replaced with seaglass/linen stripe boxpleated valances.

Here's the BEFORE and AFTER: And last, but not least, the entryway sets the tone for the fun decor in the condo. Here's another Suzanne Nicoll piece with a coordinating bench and cushion:

I hope you had as much fun glancing at the photos as I had decorating, and thank you Mom and Dad for the opportunity. I truly enjoyed it, and hope this is just the beginning of my dream job as an interior designer! Gotta run, time to get the train rolling to preschool.

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