Monday, September 27, 2010

Park, Cars and Bus

I love preschool. I think the thing I love most about it, aside from the fact that the girls get to learn new things and get to play with their friends, is the alone time that I get to spend with Tommy. I am head over heels for that boy, I guess this is the true definition of a mama's boy. I never understood it until now.

After we drop the girls off at preschool, Tommy and I usually head to the park.

They are building a new bathroom facility right next to it, and T is a big fan of the construction. He's always pointing and begging me with those big blue eyes to take him over to watch the bulldozers and dump trucks.

T is also a big fan of his new matchbox cars.

His friend Travis gave him a ramp and it has kept him very busy.

He's not the only one that has a newfound interest in racing cars...

On the way home from preschool on Friday, Elle asked me if Daddy could buy her a bus because she wanted to ride it "evyday". So, Saturday night after dinner we decided to take a ride on the downtown looper.

Here we are waiting at the bus stop:

Tommy was scared because we sat in the back of the bus by the engine and it was really LOUD.

But after a few minutes he calmed down and the girls had a blast.

Afterward, we decided to hang by the bay and take in the views.

Khera and Elle decided to play a game of hide and seek also, Elle always finds the best hiding places...

When we got home, T-man was smelling a bit too much like the bus, so he took a quick dip in the kitchen sink hot tub.

Until next time...

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