Monday, October 25, 2010

Fireman's Festival and More

Inevitably each day on the way to preschool one of the girls asks me if they can go to Grandma and Papi's house after lunch and spend the a couple Fridays ago their wish was granted. They love the fact that they can do, watch, and eat whatever they want, and I love the break my alone time with T-man.

Elle drew herself into an artist's coma:

Khera is becoming quite the artiste, here's a close-up of my favorite work of hers to date:

Can you guess who that is? Tinkerbell??!! I was shocked at how she captured the poofy bangs, paneled skirt, blue eyes and slippers, way to go K-bear!
Meanwhile back at the roost, Tommy had a love-fest with his "woobie"...

His French twin "toh-MAHS" also made an appearance smoking his pipe and even pitched in with the housework:

The next day the girls came home and we all went to the Fireman's Festival. Khera got a tattoo, as you can see she was VERY proud:

One of the things I love most about Elle, is her unpredictability. She was too shy to get a tattoo, here she is hiding behind me:

Just when you think you know your child, they just go and surprise you. A year ago, I would have said the opposite would have happened, Khera would have been too shy and Elle would have been front and center. She eventually warmed up and cracked a few smiles:

We all had a great time, Tommy must have been admiring the heavy machinery nearby and was too busy to say "cheese":

Khera bounced:

She met Sparky the fire dog:

She climbed:

She must be wondering mid-climb how she can convince Mom and Dad to let her spend another night at Grandma and Papi's house.
Tommy had a blast too:

Stay tuned for more posts about the fun we've been having, Halloween, and fall decorating, but right now I'm going to go catch some Zzzzz's. Until next time!

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