Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Khera's 5th Birthday Trilogy

Birthdays have gotten out of control in our household...really it should be renamed "birthweek". This year, Khera had 4 celebrations, and 3 of them were caught on film. Before we left for our Ohio trip, we celebrated with Grandma and Papi.

It took Grandma 7 hours to complete the cake.

Of course the theme was Rapunzel...

Khera was loving all the attention

Poor, Elle-belly was feeling a bit jealous

Papi got a kick out of the drama

Khera loved the Rapunzel babydoll and Cinderella play set, Grandma and Papi spoil...

Khera's 2nd celebration was at Bumpa and Kathy's house. 
They had allergy-free cupcakes and cookies flown in from Babycakes in New York City.

Here she is posing with her cupcake.

Little did she know that Mom and Uncle Rob picked out trick candles for some birthday fun... I love the next few shots.

Singing Happy Birthday



Still blowing

Done yet?

Elle looking on in terror



Even Tom-tom was able to get in on the cake action.

Sharing with Woody

Back at GJ's we had a pizza party and cake on her actual birthday.

Daviduccio and Brooke

Khera's wearing birthday duds from her BFF David

We sang

Elle woke up and joined the party

Ry was...well...Uncle Ry

Khera's fourth birthday party was at preschool today, and she was so excited that she was able to bring Birthday Pooh Bear home. She took Oreo Handi Snacks to share for snacktime and they were a hit. She also took her "Fur-Real" kitten to share for Show-and-tell. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when she told the class about her parties, I mean, doesn't everyone have 3 birthday parties???

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