Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I had a day off...

I absolutely love my kids, but sometimes they wear me down. I know what you're could these 3 little cherubs ever be anything but a little slice of heaven, right? 

I never thought my sweet little man would EVER throw a tantrum, until about a month ago. 
He's advanced and has hit the terrible two's early...

It's T's way, or the HIGHWAY.

A little preview of the teenage years...

And the little sassafrass, if she's not sassin', she must be sick...

Bumpa and Kathy lent me wheels to scoot.  B and GJ gave me the day off to drive to Cincinnati to visit my brother and see some friends. The night before Brandon had a bender with his highschool buddies...

First, I met up with my little bro Amar, and we went out to a holiday lunch at Bravo! It was my first time, and it was de-lish. 

I had Chicken Fra Diavlo:

And Amar had lasagne:

Afterward, he did what I never thought he would do in a million years...shopped with me at the Frontgate and Ballard Designs outlets. We had a great time and it made me realize how much I miss him...under that rough and tough exterior he's really just a big softie--in the most macho way possible.  Amar when you get the chance, will you move to FL??? please, please...........pretty please?

That evening I headed down to the Alma Mater to watch some Bearcat basketball with some sorority sisters. I love the Holy Grail...the thing I like most about it is their blueberry beer.

The only thing better than a blueberry beer, is blueberry beer with old friends.

Heather, Jenny and me--geez, I wish I would have found time to do my hair!  They were both roommates of mine at one time or another, and we have so many fun memories from college and post-college.  All I can say, is thank goodness camera phones, digital cameras and facebook weren't invented back then, otherwise we would have gotten in a lot of trouble.  wink, wink.  Heather is expecting her first baby in March, so prayers for her for a healthy 3rd trimester, safe delivery, and happy transition into parenthood.

The next morning I met Jenny and Lindsay for breakfast. We ate with 2 of the sweetest fraternal twins you'll ever meet, Ethan and Elaine Barker.

They were SO GOOD, we didn't even know they were there, except for their extreme cuteness and excellent table manners.


Motherhood looks so good on Jenny.

I love these two, they are both silly in their own ways and when I'm with them, I can not stop laughing...

Delta, Delta, Delta!  LICO!  LYLAS!  Total Cheese!

Lindsay is from FL and visits often.  We're hoping to see Jenny and her family soon, now that the kids are better travelers. 

SO, afterward I headed back up to Columbus, refreshed, and missing my little muchkins a TON. 

Aaaaahhhh, I needed a break, and I think the feeling was mutual.  It's true, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it works both ways.  Sometimes I get a little jealous when the kids run to Daddy when he gets home from work, I never get that royal treatment...but then again, I NEVER LEAVE.  So this was a big treat, thanks to all who made this little trip possible.  I loved every second of my grand greeting when I returned.

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