Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ohio Round-up, A Pizza Box Slipcover and Sofa Makeover

Wow, so much happened in the last week of our stay and I am about a month behind on blogging, so buckle in...

Heather and Jenny headed up to Columbus for a day of fun chaos at Firefly.

Heather is a new mom, but you would never know it. She is so laid back, much more than I ever was, and her daughter Maggie is such a sweetheart.

Jenny's twins Elaine and Ethan took a snack break.

Tommy joined them.

Khera and Elle were too busy to stop playing and pose.

Maggie was excited to see all the kids and action.

The kids all played really well together aside from the usual meltdown or three. It was difficult to have a real conversation, so we didn't get too much time to catch up. We headed to Panera for lunch and after bumping heads on light fixtures, Tommy eating dirt off the floor, a lot of playing and not much eating, we headed our separate ways.

Khera and Elle spent a couple days riding Uncle Ryan's horsey.

GJ also taught them how to wash windows.

I celebrated a thirty-something birthday. Brandon and GJ treated me to a last-minute 24 hour trip to Chicago to visit my friend Sara, where I took no photos (sniff, sniff).

Aunt Brooke took me to see Keith Urban.

What a great show, I need to download some of his music, NOW.

Her tickets were AWESOME, thanks Brookie!

We finished up a couple of sewing projects. Brooke inherited a table and chairs from Bumpa and Kathy this spring and we decided they needed a little makeover, what do you think?

Great bones, just a little 80s.

We added a pizza box.

St. Pete NEEDS a Donatos Pizza.

Then made slipcovers out of Home Depot drop-cloths.


GJ's sofa also got a little bit of a makeover. Here are Nana and Tommy having some QT on the "old" version.

The cushions were over 20 years old and needed a little freshening up.

We replaced the 2 bottom cushions with one large one, and 2 back with 4 loose pillows.

Whew! What a whirlwind, we packed it up on Friday night and got on the road Saturday morning. We were so sad to leave, we had such a fabulous time catching up with family and friends. It always seems like no matter how long we stay (this time was for 4 weeks) it isn't enough time. We are so thankful that GJ opened her home again to us for the entirety of our trip, she helped us immensely with the kids, and gave us some freedom to go out with friends, on dates and sleep in! I think next summer she will probably wise-up and lock her bedroom door so the kids have no choice but to wake up Mom and Dad first thing.  Thank you again GJ for making our summer memories sparkle!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our road trip!

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