Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Quick Trip to Cincinnati

Three and a half hours and sixty "It's taking too long!"s later, we made it to the Dayton airport to pick up my sister Jena and niece Anushka. The kids were starving so we stopped at the first place we could find.

As you can see the cousins were thrilled to be united once again.

We got back on the road and headed toward Cincinnati, and about 10 minutes before we arrived at our destination, Jena and I turned around and saw this:

So, we decided to take a long drive and see what's changed since we moved. Pretty much EVERYTHING is different.

Except for our old house, it's still the same.

And our house in Sidney (which was taken before we picked up the ladies).

The carriage house out back is still standing, that's where the horse and buggies were stored back in the old days.

That's also where my brother Kris ate dog food for the first time...memories.

And finally, where we spent the latter half of our childhood, now known as Uncle Amar's house.

The girls took a quick dip in the pool out back.

It was pretty cold for us Floridians, we're used to our pools feeling more like bathwater, but Anushka didn't mind.

Amar just opened the pool for the first time since he purchased the home from my parents, he put a lot of work into it, and it looks beautiful.

We were NUTS and attempted to go out to dinner, but quickly after the beverages were served we had the waitress pack up our appetizers and meal to-go and headed over to Uncle Tari, Auntie Jasminder and Nishawn's house. My cousin Amy and her son Rohan drove up from Henderson, KY to see us.

Auntie Jasminder is loving grand parenthood.

And so is Uncle Tari.

Rohan digs his Uncle Nishawn.

Khera fell in love with Rohan.

And so did Elle-belly.

He must have gotten the memo that I am CRAZY for whales, I didn't stand a chance and was blinded by his cuteness.

Anushka made her self at home and played with some of Rohan's new toys.

Rohan showed off his push-up skills.

What a handsome little guy...and oh the little toes!

Amy is such a good Mom and is a natural. I love seeing them together.

After dinner the kids started melting and we packed it up and headed back to Amar's. He's such a softie, he got the girls popsicles, Jena and I caved and let them have one just before bedtime.

Anushka swiped Elle's shorts when they changed into their pajamas. She is so funny.

She also became fond of Amar's lion cub statue in the foyer (a hand-me-down from my parents).

The next day we headed over to Donna and Mark's home for brunch, our families have been friends since before us kids were born.

Khera colored contently at the kitchen table.

Amar played mermaids with Elle.

Donna and Mark had just gotten back from a trip to France and we lived vicariously through their photos. Both of their sons are attending law school, Ethan is at Ohio State and Jon is at Columbia.

Donna single-handedly established food allergy policies in the Lakota School districts almost 20 years ago. She's encouraged me and shared a lot of clever food tips. Donna and moms like her have really paved the way for FA moms today.

Mark has always traveled internationally for work, he tells the craziest food stories.

We had a fantastic time.

We headed back to Amar's and played video games for a while.

Then we had a delicious lunch back at Uncle Tari's and then headed back up to Columbus in time for Amy's bachelorette party.  It was a super quick trip, but I'm so glad we squeezed it in.  It was so fabulous seeing everyone, next time we wont wait so long.

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