Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Surprise Party...

I wish I was sitting on my old front porch in Charlotte, NC right now, sipping coffee or eating a bowl of cereal, gazing at Latta Park across the street. Someday I hope to do something with this image, maybe paint a picture of it so I can relive it more often. Ahhhh...

I wish Elle could wave one of her magic wands (she has at least 10) and make south Florida deciduous...

A little over a week ago, my brothers, my sister and her family all flew in to throw a surprise birthday party for my mom. We weren't sure if we were able to keep the secret under wraps, but definitely she seemed shocked when they all popped up from behind the kitchen island. I got a little choked up when she came in, because she does so much for me and my family, we could never repay the love and generosity she gives unconditionally. Mom was so happy, happier than I've seen her in a long time, mostly to have us all together, it's been almost a year since that's happened.

Here's a shot of the spread, and the hostess Kher-bear, she made sure she color-coordinated her outfit with the party theme:

It was a perfect day, the weather finally cooled off and gave us a break, we took a stroll by the bay:

And fun was had by all:

The kids fought over the balloons, they're always a hit with the little ones:

I got to cuddle with 2 of my favorite ladies:

We didn't want the day to end, but it flew by and we're already missing them terribly.

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