Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crayon Rolls and Play Aprons

I'm new to the blog-world, I wish I would have sought them out a long time ago. I've found a couple blogs that provide me with a great deal of inspiration. They are mostly stay at home moms who love to craft and share their handmade ideas and how-to's with their readers.

This blog's 12 days of handmade Christmas inspired me make crayon rolls for my friends and family's children this year.

To view the tutorial click here.

One of my favorite bloggers, Darby, mom of 3 littles and fellow Chi-O, also shared her picnic blanket tutorial on the 12th day. But that's a rather involved tutorial, and I'm not sure I'll be making one of those anytime soon.

If you're in the mood to craft and want to make something special for friends for Xmas on a teeny budget, Janell from Isabella and Max Rooms Blog posted a great little tray project that is SUPER cute.  Here are some shots of her handiwork:

The rectangular trays are from Michaels, but you can buy ones with handles from Oriental Trading ($14.99/dozen). These are great for bedside tables, a spot for keys/wallets/watches, perfume trays, the possibilities are endless. If you know someone (aaa-hemm, janenorth) who has a lot of paint stashed in the basement you can use, these would make the perfect gift. Did I mention I want one of these? Or maybe 3 of them?

To view this tutorial click here.

I am nowhere near as fabulous a blogger as those I've linked to above, but here's a stab at my first tutorial: Play Aprons.  I'm planning on making these for the girls for Xmas this year--and I'm going to build a stash for the endless birthday parties that we attend each year.

1. Gather Materials needed:
~3 different fabrics that coordinate
~3 yards of ribbon that coordinate with fabric
~Sewing Machine
~White Thread
~Iron and Ironing Board

2. Cut the panels of the apron skirt:
~1 Center Panel 7x11 inches
~2 Side Panels 5x11 inches (using second fabric)
~2 Side Panels 5x11 inches (using third fabric)

3. Layout fabric panels in the order that they will be sewn together.

4. Get the kids busy practicing their cutting skills so you can have a moment to do the rest.

I love how focused they are when I sneaked this shot.

Elle said "We're a wewy busy famiwy mom."

5. Start sewing the panels together using a french seam. This sounds harder than it is, it just hides the seam inside the folds of the panel:
a. Place first 2 panels WRONG sides together and sew an 1/8" seam

b. Open up your panels and iron them.

c. Fold it, RIGHT sides together, and sew a 1/4" seam.

d. Iron the seam down, and top stitch 1/4" from the seam.

e. Now you've completed your first french seam!!!

6. Now repeat those steps for each additional panel until the skirt is completed.

7. Hem the bottom of the skirt by ironing a 1/2" fold at the bottom of the entire skirt.

8. Tuck 1/4" under and sew the entire length of the skirt.

9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 for both sides of the apron.

10. Take your ribbon and fold it in half.

11. Sew one side shut, folding 1/4" of the raw edges under before sewing it down completely.

12. Match up the center of the apron skirt to the center of the ribbon and pin it.

13. I just gather the fabric, tuck it 1/4" inside the ribbon and pin it, there's probably a more professional way of doing this...

14. Do this for the entire skirt.

15. Sew up the open side of the ribbon, this will also encase the top of the skirt.

16. Remove the pins, trim all the loose threads, and VOILA!

17. Give this to a friend's daughter, and go buy the rest from Target! Just kidding...kind of...

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