Monday, November 15, 2010

An Engagement and other stuff

Hey all!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  The girls went to Grandma's for a couple days, and from what it sounds, they may have worn out their welcome.  I'm fully expecting to see her van do a drive-by soon, throwing the kids, their bags and carseats out the window, then peeling out and high-tailing it back to Parrish.
Here are some gems from their visit:

OK, switching gears: There's some exciting news in the family...have you heard?  Ryan, Brandon's brother, proposed to his girlfriend Amy and they're planning a wedding for fall of 2011.  I love fall weddings.  One thing I love more than a fall wedding, is one which includes my family in the wedding party!  We are all honored to take part in the special day, Brandon is a groomsman, Khera and Elle are flower girls, Tomster is the ring bearer, and even I'm included as a bridesmaid!  We're still working out the details on who is going to help out with the kids the day-of, herding them in the church and during the procession, keeping them quiet in the pews, taking them home feeding them, and putting them to bed..please let us know if you have any ideas. 

I'm so happy they're going to have an adult-only reception, receptions are no fun for parents who have children for many reasons:

1. Kids and elevators don't mix
2. Hungry kids waiting to be fed at reception are loud and whiny
3. Dance floors, tipsy adults and kids running around = bad idea
4. Tired babies make parents leave receptions before most of the fun happens
5.  Need I add more references?

Anyway, back to Ryan and's a shot of them right after the proposal:

Congratulations Ryan and Amy, or should I say:

We're so excited to take part and would be happy to help with the planning in any way we can!!!  Can't wait for the big day!

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