Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Memories

This Christmas we took the kids downtown to check out the lights and displays.  Straub park is Christmas perfection and you can even see Santa there.

Tommy was freaked out by Santa...

So I jumped in to see if he might stop go.

The girls dropped their wish lists in Santa's mailbox.

No winter wonderland is complete without a little "glice" skating.

These three critters thought it would be fun to host a gingerbread house party this year.

They turned out great, didn't they?

I wish, I snagged this photo from Martha.

We had all sorts of candy and icing to embellish their houses.

The kids (and moms) got down and dirty.

The icing was tricky, so the mommies helped out with that part.

This was NOT a clean operation...

Meanwhile, Tommy snagged Ashleigh's iPhone to play "McQueen games".

Van Gogh went out with a bang this year and made his last appearance taking a marshmallow bubble bath while wearing a saran wrap shower cap.

On Christmas morning when he was gone, Khera sat down and cried because she was going to miss him so much.

Here is one of our Christmas cards from this year:

I thought you might like to take a look at some of the outtakes...

They took me very seriously.

Tommy with grosgrain antlers...

We had to take a break after this one to untangle.

I'm not sure if we have ever had a "perfect" Christmas card...there's always something I wish that could be changed, like someone smiling more, looking at the camera, put their dress down, smiling period, etc.  They are a good portrayal our lives right now, striving to do our best with lots of imperfections.

This was my favorite card for this year, it reminds me most of their personalities.  Elle is the little glamor girl, Tommy's got that little boy mischief look, and Khera is my little clown goofing off.
I love their little piggies...

Gotta run and spend some time with the hubinator. Stay tuned for more posts about our Christmas adventures, one of these days I will catch up with my blogging!

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