Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas in Powell

WARNING!  Do not read this post while you are hungry!  We celebrated our last Christmas of 2011 at Bumpa and Kathy's house.  Just like years' past, their feast did not disappoint.

Twelve pounds of juicy beef tenderloin...

Amazing roasted vegetable medley...

They even  found a spot that sells allergen-free baked goodies.

They tasted just as good as they looked.

They brought in a second table this year, so no one was banished to the kitchen "kids" table.

Khera was psyched she got to eat with the adults.

Tommy ordered up a second cupcake before he finished his first.

The kids were thrilled during the gift exchange.

Of course everyone knows the way to Tommy's heart...

Elle glued herself to Aunt Brookie.

It really is no secret, this boy has me wrapped.

Tommy rocked his new hoodie.

And Elle, her new bling-bling cardigan.

Khera got some big kid books.

And Uncle Kit got a special gift, a photo album from his 2011 National Champion Soccer Season.

Bumpa and Kathy amazed us again with their thoughtfulness and generosity.  Thank you SO much!

OK, that's almost everything.  Stay tuned for ONE LAST POST about our Christmas.

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