Sunday, December 18, 2011

Videos, Van Gogh, and Xmas Performances

Christmas is upon us, and we are enjoying every moment.
Elle is reciting a poem she learned in preschool last week in this video "Three Little Christmas Trees":  

We watched it together, and then my cousin Ravi posted the following video to his facebook page, saying it encompasses 95% of what women say regardless of race, education or socioeconomic Elle and I watched it too.

Afterwards, she asked me if that was a video of me when I was a little girl, she had me rolling!

Van Gogh has been up to a lot of mischief this season.  Here he dressed up in an apron getting busy in the play kitchen.

He rode Comet side-saddle.

I found this video this morning, and it left me in tears.  It is of Elle on Xmas morning 2 years ago.

B: Go get Khera and tell her Santa came with presents...he ate all his cookies and drank his milk.
E: Yes, she did it.
B: Yeah.
E: Uh huh, HE DID IT! YEAH!
S: No more cookies!
E: No more cookies, we better get some more.
S: Do you want to wake up Khera so you can open your presents from Santa Claus?
E: Khera is taking a quick nap. Yep. I need to get a Thomas toy. She want a blue one. I better give some to her. I be right back. Dad, is it a beautiful night? I better give this to Khera.

Khera had her Christmas performance at school this week.

I was so impressed with the musical talent at her school.  Khera is in the front row on the far right.

Here she is with her her buddy Gaby on the left and Alistair behind her.  She is dressed as an angel and the others are shepherds.

Meanwhile, Grandma and Tommy stayed at home and fed their horses on their iPads.

The next morning Elle and Tommy had their performance.  Elle wore her Xmas outfit from last year and made mama SO happy.

She is a very serious performer, just as she placed every petal down the aisle at the wedding, she was very deliberate in her dance moves for the program.

Tommy was so adorable.  Of course I knew going into it that he would not wear his sheep mask...

But he did do "the moves" and sang with some of his classmates.

He knows how to melt his mama...

Elle is up top behind her BFFs Sophia and Noelle.

 Phew! All of this performing has left us thankful that we have a couple weeks off school for R&R.
We'll be back soon with more Christmas updates and the "making" of our 2011 holiday card.

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