Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Happy December folks!
We are finally catching up on life and Christmas around here.

After we set up all the decorations, we had a Christmas movie night.

Note: If you have small children, I highly suggest choosing a movie other than Jim Carrey's version of A Christmas Carol.  It was creepy and downright scary in some parts.  Thankfully Daddy was there to watch and protect us.

Khera has been very busy setting up train tracks for Tom-inator.

I love it when he gets down and dirty to play trains.

He's been polishing up his wish list by perusing through the Sunday advertisements.

Elle brought this adorable advent calendar home from preschool last week.

And a certain someone came down with a severe case of Advent Calendar Envy...
So she made her own.

Only hers involves trimming a beard every day instead of adding to it.

We also welcomed a new addition to our family--Van Gogh the elf.
I love the girls' sweet little sleepy faces in the morning searching for where Van Gogh is up to next.

Don't let his name fool you, we have a sneaking suspicion that Van Gogh is from somewhere near the Himalayas.  So far, here's what we've learned:

He's an expert snowman maker.

And he loves elf cookies.

We are looking forward to seeing all of the silly places and predicaments he ends up in this month.

Until then we are enjoying our tree, Christmas specials, music stations on Pandora, and spreading Christmas cheer everywhere.

Well, I've got to run and get back to these three.  Jingle, Jingle!

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