Monday, December 5, 2011

November Randomness, Thanksgiving and Glamping

Hello friends!
Did you know it's December already?  The end of November literally flew by without allowing me to post about all the fun the kids have been having.  I'm baffled at the number of holiday cards we've already received and how many people have their Christmas shopping completed!  Not us!

We have been cupcaking...

I purchased a TON of cake decorating tools before Khera was born, because I thought that's what moms with small children do, right?  WRONG.  My little elves keep me so busy, it's taken me six years to actually open the package and start using them.

The kids have been Thanksgiving Feasting...

The above photo is courtesy of Walter Fuller (father of Elle's BFF), I, as usual, brought my camera but left the memory card at home.

Our good friends Ed and Missy were in Orlando for the holidays, so we drove up to visit.  The kids had loads of fun playing together and getting filthy of course.

Here's Elle, Khera and Katie.

Olivia and Missy

Another shot of sweet baby Olivia.

Edward (#1) and our godson William (#3).

It was a quick trip, but we were so happy to see the family once again.  Missy and I spent so much time together when the kids were babies, I think we miss each other more than the kids do.

Tommy slept the whole way home, with one eye open.  Tommy may or may not have eaten Oreos that day.

Thanksgiving sneaked up on us too.  The girls pitched in with the preparations.  Elle is polishing the wine bucket with toothpaste.  She did a great job.

Khera recited a poem she learned at school.  To hear it, click on the video below.

It looks like she has a mouthful of food, but she's just getting used to having 2 less teeth on the bottom.

The meal was catered by Bob Evans Kathy and Bumpa.

It was delicious, especially since I didn't have to make it!

The girls sat at their little table.

Mom entertained the 3 little Indians.

The next night Bumpa, Brandon and the girls decided to go camping in the backyard.  We had trouble securing an outdoor tent in time, so they settled for "glamping" (glamour camping) on the back porch. Earlier in the week, Khera made a master list of the things they'd need for the adventure.

It reads: "Camping, tent, fire, wood, sticks, snacks, 4 sticks, drinks, pillows, airbeds two of them, marshmallows, smores, stones, songs, list, Bumpa's ideas"

They had trouble getting the fire started, probably because the logs were large and wet.

But then it caught and she was a beauty.

Our neighbors brought over head lamps for the girls, they were on cloud 9.

Here they are on the porch.

Once Elle's head hit the pillow, she was out.

They watched "Home Alone" until they fell asleep, and had the time of their lives.  In fact, they were ready to do it all over again the next night, sillies.

We will try to be back sooner next time with what we've been up to for our Christmas preparations!
Adios Amigos.

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