Monday, May 9, 2011

Royal Wedding and Princesses

My princesses and I have a confession to make, we REALLY got into the Royal Wedding. It didn't happen until about the day before, but once we started watching the coverage, we couldn't stop!

One little princess in particular did a lot of dreaming that day...

Watching the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge inspired us to start thinking about the upcoming Royal Wedding in our own family--Ryan and Amy's. Khera and Elle are going to be flower girls and couldn't be more excited. We looked at dresses for them at the bridal shop and loved what we saw, but the $250+ TIMES TWO price tag made me cringe.

We ran across these little numbers at Target for $20.

I figure with a little sewing surgery they'll be perfect for them in October. I was thinking a substantial sash matching the bridesmaids dresses and a flower to embellish the sash of Elle's dress and lapel on Khera's. What do you think?

I could hardly pry these dresses off of them once they put them on!

They look like little Degas ballerinas.

What about all of those fascinator's at the royal wedding? Wouldn't the girls look so cute with a headband with feathers in them? Here's one I made for our photographer Rachael, she is getting married on the 21st on Amelia Island. Her colors are mustard and gray and wanted that reflected in her fascinator.

Wedding season is so exciting, I love all the little details...

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