Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kitchen Progress and Mother's Day

Ever since I finished the patio, all I can think about is the kitchen. Do you remember my list?

-Cafe curtains
-Slipcover Pendant Shade
-Clock Makeover
-Family Command Center
-Additional Storage

I'm having trouble putting together a total plan.  The one thing I have done is find more storage--in my existing cabinets.

You know how they say if you haven't worn something in over 2 years to donate it? I'm applying that philosophy to the storage, I'm donating some and moving others to the garage.

The juicer was a great purchase, but after 2 weeks of cleaning that bad boy he's been parked in my cabinet for 3 years. Let's be honest, it's way easier to go to Publix and buy a carton of OJ. You're losing out on a lot of fiber that you gain from actually eating the fruit too...

KitchenAid attachments? If I ever decide to make my own salsa from scratch please feel free to slap me. Or grind my own meat...get too lazy to slice cucumbers...you get the picture.

I'm no longer making baby food, so I can return the food processor to mom, jumbo muffins have too many calories, for the 1 month a year I use these I can fetch them from the garage.

Elle really got into Mother's Day this year. She took a lot of pride in helping me out around the house.  Here she is helping fold laundry,

doing the dishes,

she's such a silly.

My rule for Mother's Day this year was I didn't want to cook, and I didn't want anyone else cooking in my kitchen either. While I was out with Ashleigh and Andi having a mommy conference, the girls convinced Brandon to break my rule and make me pizza for dinner.

He can't say "no" to these two--he's doomed...

It started off well, they used the pizza stone, rolled out the dough, and added the sauce.

And then they moved onto the toppings.

Why use bowls when you can dump the toppings on the counter, right?   I'm convinced this was the girl's strategy.

Brandon chopped the peppers and onions so finely that they roasted in the time that the pizza cooked.  It tasted like perfection.  The mess scared me, but they did a great job cleaning up too.

And, much to my surprise, after the oven cooled off it was pretty easy to clean also.

It ended up being the best Mother's Days yet!  Why? 
Husband survived crash.3 healthy children.Mom is on the mend.She can stand.She can now burn annoying back brace.  We love you, MOM!  We are all so proud of the strides you're making--no pun intended!

Early this week Brandon got into an accident and while thankfully he was not seriously injured, the car was totaled.   Instead of buying himself a new car he bought the kids and I some more spacious wheels to roll around town in.  We are no longer Sardines!  THANK YOU B! 

This morning we got back to reality, and it wasn't as tough a re-entry as I thought it would be. I enjoyed my day off thoroughly, thank you Brandon, Khera, Elle and Tom-T!

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