Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good times in Maryland

We took a little trip to the Chesapeake this past summer.  Isn't the it beautiful?

We actually stayed at the Hyatt, but that gorgeous home was just down the shore from us.

They had a beautiful pier that we would walk out to each night.

It was our first family vacation outside of going to OH, and it was super fun!

I promise I was there, here's a picture to prove it.

Elle spotted jellyfish just off the pier.

Khera and Tommy tried to get a closer look.

I love that they get along...sometimes.

The resort had a sweet water slide that the girls went on about 300 times over the course of the week.

I couldn't tell if they liked it.

The Disneyworld song keeps running through my head...please.stop.

We made s'mores in the outdoor fireplace.

Tommy thought it was some sort of sword.

Meanwhile the girls chowed down on several helpings...

... maybe that's why they're called s'mores?

Dinnertime was mostly peaceful, Tommy had ample room to play cars while we waited for food.

Elle enjoyed the puzzles.

And Khera, the iPhone.

It was so peaceful there.

The sunsets were spectacular.

We took advantage of the resort's putt-putt course also.

Lining up Disney cars was Tommy's mealtime routine.

Anushka joined us for our last full day in Maryland.  We met up with her (and Jena and Ram) in Annapolis.  While the boys golfed, we took the kids to the Naval Academy.

We took in the sights, and got a little climbing time in as well.

The highlight of the entire trip for us was going on the pirate ship adventure.

Khera got a mermaid tattoo and a pink glitter mustache.

Elle got some glamour make-up and a mermaid tattoo also.

Tommy got a tat of his girlfriend Ariel too.

Tommy and Anushka spied a scurvy pirate in a boat out at sea.

Jena and I giggled most of the time.  We were glad we took the kids and not the dads, they may not have found the excursion as humorous as we did.

Beleive it or not, this is one of the better shots of the 3 of us.  I think Jena took about 20.

They found the treasure and each got to fill a bag with booty.

The kids had a blast, I'm definitely going to check out some of the pirate ships in the Tampa Bay Area.

It would be nice to take visitors on something like this if they exist in Florida.

Afterward we went out to dinner and met up with the boys.  It was a fun-filled day, Jena and I were exhausted.  Thankfully, Anushka helped us finish our dessert.

A swash-buckling good time was had by all!

We were so happy that our first family vacation was a success and can't wait for our next one.
Maybe somewhere in the NE? or the Carolinas?

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