Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A little trip to Cincinnati

We took another quick trip while in OH down to Cincinnati to catch up with old friends.

We killed time at the Montgomery pool.

The girls had trouble making themselves at home.

This time Jenny hosted and invited Heather, Lindsay and their families over for a little birthday celebration for moi!  Jenny is sneaky like that, it was so fun to get together.  It was not quite like the UC days thank goodness for the kids sake, but was very cool to see the next generation of Bearcats get acquainted pre-University!

Here Heather is with Maggie, she has the chubbiest cheeks an her curls are adorable!

Tommy was smitten, there were so many prospects for a ladies-man like him ;-)

Here are Guy and Lindsay's girls Laura and Caroline playing together.  It is so cute to see Laura with her little sis.

They made short work of the basement!

The next day we headed over to Amar's house and zipped over to Entertrainment Junction for some Choo-choo fun.  There we met up with my cousin Amy, her husband Rico and baby Rohan.  He is such a handsome little man, isn't he?

Tom-tom was in awe of all the train displays.  We will definitely stop here next year.  

Rohan waited his turn very patiently.

They had loads of fun playing trains together and picking out train loot from the gift shop.

Rohan has the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen, and boy do they melt everyone he sees!

I love quick trips, so glad we were able to make it to Cincinnati, and a big thanks to the Barkers, Amar, Uncle Tari and Auntie Jasminder for hosting us while we were in town.

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