Friday, September 2, 2011

Hilton Head 2011: Part One

We came home to FL for a brief moment and got back on the road to vacation with my parents and sister's family on Hilton Head Island.

No road trip is complete without Tommy's "woobie".

Another roadtrip secret are these pureed veggies/fruit packs, before Tommy I would have probably gagged at the idea, but we'll do anything to get him eat.

Once on the island we frequented the local parks.

It was a "big kid" park, not so easy for Tommy and Anushka to navigate. She was a good sport though.

Tommy not so much...

It was blazing hot, and thank goodness Jena was smart and packed a ton of cold ones and snacks. Elle was most appreciative, can't you tell?

OK, that's better.

Tommy perked up once the snack sack was opened. Check out Khera, she must have been REALLY THIRSTY.

After the park, we were really sweaty, sandy and sticky so we threw the kids in the tub. Auntie Jena got a little crazy and what should have been a bubble bath was more like a bubble explosion.

Elle was lovin' it.

I couldn't tell if Anushka was into it...

Tom-tom HATED it and ran out of the bathroom pronto.

Princess Leia also enjoy it.

Anushka brought her towel I forgot I made her.

Uncle Ram and Daddy gave a lot of "pony rides".

Giddy Up Daddy!

Ram also got a workout in throwing the girls up in the air.

Elle who has always been a thrill-seeker, was pretty terrified by it, but kept coming back for more.

Grandma and Papi were there to lend a hand, or in this case a shoulder to cry on.

Papi, AKA "The Elle Whisperer", played chef with Elle, our ears and nerves thanked him dearly.

Most days involved the kids in the pool. Tommy must be daring Anushka to jump in here.

They settled for sticking their feet in.

And when we were all ready to get in with them, Elle cooked.

And Tom stole my hat.

We read lots of stories.

Ram didn't want to miss a word of "Snuggle Puppy".

Our kids were in bed no later than 8, and Anushka had free reign of all the toys and books. I'm pretty sure she loved it.

Gotta run and get some "me" time before I pick up the kids from school (Yes! They've started school!  I'm getting to that in a couple more posts!). Stay tuned for part two which will include golfing, real pony rides, and a trip to a children's museum.  Have a great weekend!

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