Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hilton Head '11 Part 2: Lawton Stables

Welcome to the second post of our Hilton Head adventure! 
We spent a couple mornings sweating bullets at Lawton Stables for some pony rides.
I love barns.

Grandma came with us on the first day.

They contemplated "testing" the warning...

Khera was an old pro.

Elle was a natural too, 2 years ago we had to get a refund because she was too "keewed" at the last minute.

Nice work Elle belly!

We thought Anushka might be spooked by them...

But she ponied up quite nicely!

Jena is such a good mom.

When Anushka was finished, Tommy, who is a man of few words, kept shouting "HAT!" and "HORSE!", which probably meant he wanted a try.  The ticket line was long, and literal and figurative "melting" was on the horizon--so we decided to come back the next day with Daddy and let him ride.

Ahhhh, thank goodness for cold beverages during heat waves.

Alas, back with Daddy.

And then a second after this photo....he chickened out!

Khera made the trip worthwhile and enjoyed another pony ride.

Lawton Stables also has a mini petting zoo.

OK folks, I'll be back soon with the last edition of our Hilton Head trip!

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