Saturday, June 18, 2011

Playdating, Cleaning Crew and BBQing

What do the following have in common?

1.  Go to the bathroom
2.  Make a phonecall
3.  Get dressed
4.  Prepare dinner
5.  Chop with SHARP knives
6.  Write a blog post
7.  Take a shower
8.  Bring groceries in from car


Answer: If you attempt any of the above I can guarantee the kids will appear out of thin air.  Even if Tinkerbell herself were sprinkling fairy dust in the playroom, my kids' sixth sense kicks in and they will drop WHATEVER they are doing and come running, tattling and begging.

With only 1 week left before we leave for Ohio I have a TON of things to do including cleaning.  I detest coming home to a dirty house and I intend to hopefully leave next week with it in near-sparkling condition.  So, I hired a cleaning crew...woo hoo!

In order to keep our sanity some of the moms from preschool have been trading off mornings watching eachother's children.  We've been playdate hopping and hosting and the kids have been in high-heaven.

Elle HAD to wear her flamenco dress to her first solo playdate at Sophia's house.

She packed her backpack filled with snacks to share so as not to annoy her hosts with endless requests for food.

They've been dressing up with Jayda.

The Janke boys came over for a swim.

Lennox is such a stinkin' cutie.

Sophia came over for a playdate and a dip in the pool.

Tommy's been eating Oreos.

And making lots of messes.

Oh, and remember the cleaning crew I mentioned, you're looking at them.

I'm so glad someone enjoys cleaning up the messes as much as this little stinker loves making them.

We had a little B-B-Q action last weekend, and Elle helped me make my fave peach-blueberry crisp.

If you don't have time to make Ina's version you can cheat. I use frozen peaches and blueberries, and store bought topping with a little bit of oatmeal sprinkled into the mix. I still stick with Ina's recipe for the filling (lemon juice/zest, sugar and flour).

I picked up some of these food baskets at a restaurant supply store last weekend and we have been in love ever since.

This is how the kids like their dogs:

This is we prefer ours:

That's an organic turkey dog with salsa, guacamole and crumbled chips on top (Brandon likes to put jalepenos on top of his). I also enjoy relish, ketchup and mustard, but this one is a special treat.

While I was at the supply store, I also picked up various sized food boats and dipping cups in hopes to entice Tommy to try more food.

He looks happy, don't you think?

By the way, those organic turkey dogs (apple farms or something?) were totally gross when grilled. The casing separates from the dog and becomes very chewy. I'm sticking to my Hebrew Nationals from now on.

Thankfully the kids have taken to the summer and are thoroughly enjoying eachother's company.

A little bit too much in my opinion.

I will consider myself blessed if we do not have to make a trip to ER for a broken bone or stitches due to their tomfoolery.

The phrase "Someone's going to get hurt!" is starting to lose meaning around here...

Barbecue and Mosquitos go hand in hand down here. For all you mothers out there that have taken recent trips to the delivery room, I've found another use for something that came in your "care kit". I love how no mother tells you all the rituals you will be doing for yourself after delivery, that was a real shocker. Anyway, does this look familiar?

Spray some of this bad boy on your kids mosquito bites, it's quick and easy and they will enjoy it almost as much as getting a bandaid.

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