Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...

Seriously, the Janke's make me sick--they are so freakin' adorable!

I met my friend Jennifer at preschool this past fall and noticed her children were just about the same ages as mine. Then she mentioned she had one more in grade school, we laughed and were friends ever since. She's a fellow blogger and crafter, she makes gorgeous watches with interchangeable bands, does medical transcription and is married to Joseph a resident. Their budget is paper-thin, so she asked if I'd take some photos of them for their family pictures.

Jennifer did everything, styled the kids clothing, and directed all of the poses, all I had to do is show up with my camera and snap some pics.

We got off to a bit of a rocky start.

Then the boys got to be boys and we managed to crack some smiles out of them.

We even got Tytus to crack a smile (upper left).

Khera and Kassius were in preschool together. You can see she ADORES him.

Jennifer is one of those people that you talk to and feel like you've known forever.

This is Javien, their oldest.

And Lennox the baby.

Lennox has the cutest run you've ever seen.

We lucked out with some kayakers passing by.

Kassius is a character, he reminds me of James Dean in this one.

We are in denial, but they just packed up and moved to St. Louis this weekend. Joseph got accepted into an anesthesiology residency there. We are definitely going to miss them, and hopefully will be able to meet them next summer in Indy at the Children's museum for a reunion. Good Luck Jankes!

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Anonymous said...

I feel so blessed to have an entire post on your blog =) More importantly I feel SO BLESSED to have become friends with you. You seriously saved me from going mad on many occasions. Thanks for being my friend and reaching out. I can't wait to frame some of these pictures - you did a great job!! especially considering the kids were all on the border of a meltdown. We'll definitely be meeting up next summer - it's a plan!!

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