Monday, June 6, 2011

No good deed...

Goes unpunished.

Those of you who know me, know that I have a secret loathing for stuffed animals. Mostly because they just sit in the corner gathering dust, and since my kids have wheezing tendencies, I try to hold onto only the sentimental ones and donate the rest.

Last January we donated 90% of ours to the USS Comfort to take to Haiti. I was feeling REALLY great about the decision until last night. Khera was looking through a photo album the other day and noticed a stuffed purple elephant. When I told her what I did with it, she was DEVASTATED. See for yourself:

I looked up photos from Haiti and tried to explain what happened there. I tried to put it in her perspective, and she was still extremely angry with me. She is still talking about it right now as I write, she and Elle are having their daily "let's talk and goof around until one or both of us falls asleep" session.

She did forget about it temporarily when we got a package in the mail from Bumpa and Kathy. They went to Spain last month and brought back fantastic flamenco dresses for the girls, and boy did they LOVE them.

They danced all afternoon to Flamenco music via Pandora.


This summer I've decided since the kids have off school, I'm off the hook for all of my DIY projects. I am only going to focus on one thing (in addition to my full-time job of staying home with the kids): GETTING TOMMY TO GAIN SOME FRICKIN' WEIGHT. At 2 years he weighs 21 lbs--an average child weighs that much on their 1st birthday.

We are going to be working on snack and meal presentation:

We can't just throw some nuggets and tots on a tray anymore, he will usually chuck it if it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing.

Trains will be involved.

His sister Elle is a SNACK-INISTA, she is constantly hounding me for snacks I think she is usually planning her next snack before the current one is even delivered to her.

She is going to be his eating mentor.

We will be making homemade shakes and disguising them in fast food cups.

And we will be saying MANY prayers that this kid's weight gets back ON the growth chart.

Make yourself comfortable Tommy, we are not giving up on you yet boy...

Do you have any ideas on how to sneak extra calories into a child's diet who is allergic to milk/dairy, eggs, and beef?

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