Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School

August 23rd was the girls' first day of pre-school....I feel like they were just born yesterday!!!
So, we did a dry-run prior to the first day to make sure we allotted enough time for everything (breakfast, brushing teeth, tantrums, bargaining, etc.) and I'm so glad I did. Monday we remembered everything--except to take a picture before we left :-(

So a kind fellow mom, snapped some for us, Khera's had 2 years of practice so she knows the drill:

but Elle was not quite the ham she usually is:

And a finally a shot of (almost) all of us:

I'm hoping there's someone with the same colored hair standing behind us, otherwise this was a really bad hair day on my that a small cat hanging from my head?

Here's a post first day of school shot at our back door:

And a trip down memory lane, the past 2 years photos:

They say it flies by, and I believe it. Looking at that last photo, I think I was more nervous for Khera's 1st day than she was. Going to go now, gotta go sneak down the hall and peek in on those two little princesses, I absolutely LOVE watching them sleep, it is the most peaceful thing I've ever experienced...

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