Sunday, October 14, 2012

Columbus Summer Fun

We have taken a major hiatus from blogging, sorry to keep you hanging!  With the kids in school everyday I thought things might slow down a bit, however I feel like we are running on a treadmill 24/7!  So before this summer gets away from me...

We headed up to Ohio for a good part of the summer to escape the heat and catch up with family and friends.  The girls made a new friend next door, here they are painting the sidewalks with Lily.  Most days were a version of this, riding bikes in the driveway, sprinklers, painting, etc.

Even Tom-tom got in on the action.

Here we went on a nature walk.  We tried to find things of each color on our walk.  Of course I forgot to take an "after" photo.  Poor Khera was terrified of the bees and that put a damper on the walk, and it was more like a nature nightmare carrying her around the park.

We played Angry Birds on the driveway one morning.  It kept the kids entertained for quite a while.

They drew the structures and pigs.

We filled up water balloons and they lined up to throw them.

And they tried to hit the pigs with their balloons.

We had a girls night out, and went to see the high quality film Magic Mike.

The girls took tennis lessons.

It took Elle a while to warm up to tennis, but she's really enjoying herself now.

Tommy made a new friend named Froggy.

We headed over to Hastings pool one afternoon with Lily.

We went to a zillion storytelling hours at various libraries, we even managed to meet the Lorax at the Miller Park branch.

The girls went to Vacation Bible School and had a blast.

And they played with Lily some more.

Kit and Tommy parallel played on their iPhones.

We even made a couple tea parties to beat the lunchtime heat.

We'd like to send a HUGE thanks to GJ for opening up her home and letting us descend on her household for such a long time.  The kids made a lot lasting memories including going to the movies with GJ, the zoo, Tommy's first potty experiences, and Khera and Elle rode their bikes without training wheels for the first time!

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