Friday, February 3, 2012

Khera's Birthdays, News and a Confession

Khera's 6th birthday was LAST YEAR, and I need to record it before it gets away from me.  First let me say that I am SHOCKED she is 6 already, where has the time gone?  Words can't describe how proud we are of her and how much she has grown in these short six years.  She is my little helper, accountant, and a 2nd mommy to Elle and Tommy.  Happy Birthday sweetheart!

On her actual birthday, mother nature surprised us with a little snowfall up in C-bus.

T watched the flakes melt once they landed on the driveway.

She is such a good big sister...sometimes she even melts my heart.

Elle, or as GJ likes to call her "Rosario Jr.", was busy sweeping the snow.  I think she may be the next Martha Stewart, you heard it here first folks!  She insisted on wearing THE dress while sweeping with leggings and leg warmers--you always have to be fashionable while cleaning...

Here's a little video of her that day:

After the kids thawed out we had cupcakes to celebrate.

Bumpa and Kathy had a mini celebration at their house with cupcakes as well, they even got special cupcakes so Tom-tom could get in on the birthday action.

Back home in FL, we celebrated with mini cupcakes.

And mini cookies catered by Tarjay.

I love me some chocolate mini cupcakes...

To celebrate with her friends, Khera had an "almost sleepover". (Definition - dinner, cupcakes, play and a movie with friends in pajamas, BUT the kids go home around 8:30pm.)

Here they are watching their movie in the playroom.  Even Tommy watched with his trains.

Khera is so proud to announce now:

Here she is in her shoe-tying glory!

She brought this home from school, and I melted...

"Mommy she taek cher of me, she giaves me a hlfie breckfist, she giaves me a bath."

And I will leave you with this confession that came home in her folder last week.

Khera has just discovered the culinary greatness of King's Hawaiian Sweet Buns.

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