Saturday, November 12, 2011

Train Ride, Costumes, Sweat Shop and the Tooth Fairy

Hey all!  We are still here, just catching up on some things that were on hold from all of the exciting October festivities.  We decided to wait until after the time change to use our glow sticks.
We picked up some yum-a-licious Chick-fil-A on family night and took the kids on a trolley train ride.  It's really the downtown looper, but Tommy delights in pretending we are taking a ride on Toby the tram engine.

Glow sticks rule.

Brandon LOVES when I take pictures of him.

We were the only people riding and got a personalized tour of our town and the driver even let us bring our snacks along.

For All Saints Day, Khera did a little project on Saint Katherine Drexel and dressed up as her at mass that day.  She makes a cute little nun, don't you think?

Elle had a field trip to the library this week and she picked out this little number.  She knew she was hot-to-trot that morning. 

I've finally gotten a second wind and have been spending some time with my sewing machine.  I've been dreaming of cafe curtains since we remodeled the kitchen 5 years ago, and finally got up the courage to tackle all 8 of them. 

They are 2-finger euro-pleated cafe curtains.  I haven't had the nerve to make them in 5 years because I didn't know how to make pinch-pleated curtains and couldn't figure out the corner window above the banquette. 

I finally got a plan together.  I used Coretto tension rods from Umbra, and so far they are working nicely.  I also learned how to make pinch pleaded curtains from "Skye Blue" on YouTube.  Check out her tutorial here, she rocks.

I started another project involving this polka dot fabric that makes me SO happy.  But I was interrupted by my little dearies, only to find that Kher-bear had a big kid tooth coming in behind her 2 front baby teeth.

So of course we put my project on hold and had a little design consultation on what she wanted out of a tooth fairy pillow.  She pulled a couple fabrics that she liked out the kitchen drawer, and we looked at pinterest and came up with this:

We made a tooth fairy pocket for her to put her tooth in. 

Being the wimp that I am, I was too queasy to pull the tooth myself, and the thought of pulling it scared Khera.  What a relief!  The next day during rest time in her class it came out.  Daddy is out of town, so she left the tooth fairy a note in her pillow to "leave my tooth to show my Dad?"

Congratulations on your first tooth Khera!  The tooth fairy left her $2, and she woke up at 3:30am yelling the news to Elle and Tommy.  At 5am she woke us again shrieking that the tooth fairy took her tooth, when in fact it was still in her pillow.  Mommy is tired today.  We have already "lost" the tooth several times and we are not halfway through the day yet.  All this tooth business and Daddy out of town is wearing down the patience bank, we are definitely looking forward to his return tomorrow.  Miss you Pops!

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