Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Weekend

I hope you had a fantastic Halloween weekend, we sure did!  We started decorating a couple weeks ago.  The kids made most of the decorations.  Khera made this skeleton in art class.

 We made a mummy pinata out of toilet paper. Classy, I know.  It was easier than I thought it would be, I referred here for some easy directions.
Elle made this adorable bat.

And then we went a little crazy in the kitchen with bats, tinsel and balloons.

We celebrated Grandma's birthday.

We even scored some Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip ice cream from The Fresh Market.

Tommy cheered Grandma on when she blew out the candles.

As usual, the girls helped Grandma open her gifts.
We all chipped in and put together a Brighton charm bracelet for her from Marion's.

The next day was Halloween and the kids had parties at preschool.  Here is Tommy Sir Topham Hat, playing computer with his buddy Jason.

I caught Elle trick-or-treating in the hallway.

T-man also trick-or-treating, what a little stinker!

In Elle's class they served banana ghosts and oreo spiders for the special snack.

They made a real spider web out of yarn after reading a spider book.

We HEART Ms. Moore!

At home we got our spooky party spread going with a little dry ice in the punch bowl.

The black-eyed pea dip was a hit, for the recipe click here.

Veggie cups with dip in the bottom.

Love.these.pretzel.thingys, although if you do plan to do hugs and regular kisses, bake them SEPARATELY.  I learned the hard way, the white chocolate melts quicker than the regular, beware!

Who doesn't love a brownie bite!  YUMS.

I bought these beauties at my fave store TFM slaved over these cookies this weekend.

GJ gave us these cute liners last weekend, and the girls and I made the toppers (see end of post for a quick tute).

The girls were flamenco dancers, and Tommy was over his tux so he just went as himself.

The kids had a blast with the pinata.  I forgot to mention, we did a pull-string pinata instead of the traditional bat swinging, for details click here.

Stuart and Meredith our mother's helpers stopped by, aren't they cute?

We did a quick walk around the 'hood.

Some of the neighbors really get into it.

Night of the living Apps house was probably my favorite.  The kids were so excited to see Angry Birds.

OK, so the next time you have a party and want an easy way to embellish your cupcakes, try this.
Tinsel or paper garland (cut in 1" strips)
Candy sticks or small bamboo skewers
Double Sided tape

1.  Make a mini tape flag on the end of the stick.

2.  Wrap tinsel around the "flag".

3.  VOILA!

The possibilities are endless.  Silver/Gold for Christmas and New Years, Red/Blue tinsel for American holidays, Red/Silver tinsel for OSU tailgates.  We used paper garland from here this summer for Amy's shower.  ShopSweetLulu has just about every color to match whatever your soiree decor demands. (This is not a sponsored post, I just can't contain my love for that little party shop!)

Tom-tom is getting excited just thinking about the possibilities!

Until next time!!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing will ever compare to trick or treating in your neighborhood... they really go all out and it is AWESOME! Not even close to as cool here in MO but I still love my Halloween!

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