Thursday, October 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend and mini Sweet Pepper Appetizer {recipe}

Tommy is settling into preschool nicely.  Here he is wearing his "Friday" shirt:

It has Thomas, James, Henry and Gordon on it.  I'm contemplating cutting it and making 4 different train shirts.

Because the t-shirt, a zillion trains and videos aren't enough, Tommy has even added a train spin brush to his collection of train paraphernalia.

Someone has their mother right where he wants her...

Bumpa and Kathy came down to Anna Maria Island for Labor Day and we stayed with them for a bit.  The first day we hung out at the pool. The girls played chicken, but found playing Bumpa-monster was way more fun.

I love this shot.

More Bumpa-monster.

Kathy and I enjoyed drinking wine and witnessing the fun thought it would be nice to let the guys play with the kids rather than jumping in with them.

The next day we hit the beach.  Tommy was not fond of the sand on his feet at first.

But he got over it.

Elle found a "magnificent feather".

Khera had fun collecting seashells.

Then what started as a walk along the beach...

Tommy thought, "Hmmm, I wonder what that water and sand feels like..."

He got his feet wet...

And his hiney...

Now up to his chest...

And then he was all in!

This might be the first day Tommy will remember being at the beach and loving it.

Heading home I wondered, how is this boy still awake?  Khera is definitely sawing logs here.

Don't worry, for long car trips where we foresee sleeping we usually break out the big dogs (car seats, that is).

OH, and I almost forgot:

mini Sweet Pepper Appetizer {recipe}
alouette (Garlic & Herbs)
mini Sweet peppers
fresh basil

1. Cut peppers in half, lengthwise and remove the seeds.
2. Spread cheese inside the peppers.
3. Top with julienned basil.
4. Enjoy!

*note: You can substitute the cheese with whatever you like, softened goat cheese, or any other spreadable cheese.

Super easy, super delicious, and easily packable.  Take some to your next potluck, book club, or dinner party!

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