Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cupcakes, Spring Breakers and Tampa Bay Rays

St. Pete finally joined the new millennium and opened up a cupcake shop...that serves Tommy-safe cupcakes!

Mommy's Tommy's thrilled that mommy no longer has to make these from scratch!!!  Can't you just see the relief in his eyes?

He prefers chocolate frosting, he must get that from his mama's side...

Here he is plotting his next move.

Love the-cupcake-anhilation-face, Tom-tom!

My BFF Jenny brought her twins down to visit for spring break in the beginning of April.  We had a blast!  It's funny how old friends just pick up where they leave off.

We went to the Dali museum and worked on ginormous floor puzzles.

Here they are at the breakfast bar.  We played with the kids by day, and pretended like we were back at UC by night.  Thanks for visiting Jenny!

We visited Bumpa and Kathy during their visit to Anna Maria, and all I got was this mobile picture?  I have been super absent-minded lately about bringing my "good" camera.

We headed down to Siesta Key when some friends from Ohio were on spring break too.  We love entertaining spring breakers, even if it means ditching school ourselves!

Elle's BFF Sophia took her to a Tampa Bay Rays game, she's the first North child to experience a real baseball game--even if it is under a dome.

They had posh box seats...poor deprived little girls.

These two are so much alike it's crazy, they also share the same birth date and astrological sign.

I couldn't tell if she was having a good time...

Stay tuned for more about what we've been up to, we are still running about a month behind on our posts!

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Anonymous said...

I truly miss you and your adorable kids!! I'm long overdue for a visit to St. Pete and I'm still dreaming to think that we could end up back there one day. Tommy looks SO big in those pictures of him and the cupcakes and finally a cupcake shop in town just for Tom Tom!!

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