Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo booth, Gymnastics and Instagram

Last weekend Elle and Tommy's preschool held their annual carnival.  This year we put on a photo booth for the kiddies to get a snapshot with various props.  It was a lot of fun.

What's a carnival without a little....cotton candy.

I couldn't tell, but I think Elle liked it.

Tom-tom thought a bow tie was a mustache.

He hopped in with some shades and a sombrero to pose with K-bear.

Elle and her BFF Sophia posed using bow ties as bows in their hair, cute.

Speaking of Elle and her BFF, they both started a gymnastics class together, and are LOVING it.

For some extra cash on the side, Elle has started teaching classes out of our family room.

Elle decided it was time for a cut...

And we discovered instagram.  It's a fun little app that helps edit your mobile photos and "frames" them up to look professional.  Elle wanted a glamour shot of her new 'do to send out to family and friends.

Even Tommy got some instagram action.

So long folks, stay tuned for a post about how we made Tommy's dreams come true!

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