Saturday, July 30, 2011

Put-In-Bay: Part 1

We headed up to Bumpa and Kathy's lake house for several days of fun. GJ was kind enough to keep Tommy so we could relax and that is just what we needed. Thank you GJ!  I know they enjoyed their one-on-one time together thoroughly.

You have to drive through some serious country to get to the ferry.

After almost a three hour drive, we made it to the Miller Ferry. I forgot to mention Elle insisted on wearing her bathing suit and not clothes that day, even on the drive up...

It's funny how a hat can set you straight when you're stressing about silly things.

We made it!!!

Sometimes the girls have trouble getting comfortable when they are away from home...

It's tough to get them to come out of their shells...

Khera is thinking it's probably not safe to jump in here--at least I hope she is!

They perked up when we told them we were going to The Crew's Nest for a dip in the pool.

Daddy got some laps in.

Bumpa treated the girls to some ice cream.

The Crew's Nest also has some of the best food on the island.

They even have a great place for the kids to play at while you wait for food, or for parents to enjoy their meals in peace--Mommy likes.

After dinner we drove home and watched the sunset.

Khera felt she needed binoculars to see it better.

We sat outside and talked for a long while.

Then the girls got tired and we all went inside to rest up for the next day's worth of fun.  Stay tuned for part deux of our Put-In-Bay adventure...

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